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As wig brands want to stand out, we offer diverse, one-stop custom wig solutions that promote your brand’s uniqueness. Years of export experience have empowered us with great expertise to help boost the businesses of various wig brands worldwide.

Whatever You Need, We Have Got You all Covered

Along with high-quality human hair wigs and hair products, we provide you with competitive customization services such as personalized labels, tags, packaging, and boxes and more. Paying attention to your concerns, we provide you with unrivaled customer service and respond to your concerns 24/7.

Your Potential Challenges

Dealing with Multiple Hair Suppliers

Clients who fulfill their purchasing must deal with multiple hair suppliers.

Expensive Prices

High-priced wigs can lower your sales and limit your customer base as end-users will be discouraged from high prices.

Poor Quality Hair

When hair quality does not match high prices, it will incur further losses to your business.

Unstable Delivery

Deliveries that take too long will not meet market demand, leading to fewer stocks in your inventory for busy days.

No Customization Services

Without customization, there is not enough diversity brought to your wig selections that define your brand’s quality.

Our Specific Solutions

One-stop Purchasing

With our comprehensive wig choices, you can buy all your products in one place.

Competitive Factory Prices

With lower prices, more customers can afford your wig selections, increasing your sales margins.

High-quality Human Hair

Rather than use synthetic hair, we use genuine human hair that maintains its quality for long periods.

Rapid & Punctual Delivery

Delivery within 2-7 days ensures you can meet demands any day. Next-day deliveries are readily available.

Competitive Customization Services

Logos, labels, tags, packaging, and more can be personalized by Alien Hair to promote your brand’s quality.

Don't Hesitate to Start Your Project

We have professional human hair expertise, years of experience, and have been instrumental in the success of various customers. Alien Hair is capable of delivering high-quality human hair products at approachable wholesale prices. Get started on your hair business by contacting us today!

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