Research & Development

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Research & Development is Our Fuel

Alien Hair has an R&D team that keeps up with market trends and new hair products. Through our research, we are consistently making progress in creating premium human hair products that are in demand in your target market.

Take Advantage of Research & Development

Tailor-made Wigs Customization within Reach

Experience artisans can develop customized wig sets based on specific head shapes and head circumferences. The research we conducted allows us to find the right arc shape and depth for your target customers within specific regions.

Tailor-made Wigs Customization
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Always at the Forefront of the Market

We pay close attention to the popular hairstyles and colors in the market. To make our human hair products relevant to the current trend, we make necessary improvements and changes. By keeping updated with recent market trends, we help you respond to rising demands.

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Punctual Shipping & Delivery

We can deliver your goods within 2-7 days and offer overnight deliveries.

Solid Supply Chain

Our mature supply chain of human hair ensures a stable supply of hair products.


All hair materials we use are ethically sourced and are biodegradable.

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