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Alien Hair human hair wigs factory is located in Qingdao Shandong province, giving us better access to various resources. With a 20,000 square meter factory area, we have advanced production equipment and testing machines to ensure a streamlined production of human hair products.

Figures Speak Louder than Words

As the numbers show below, Alien Hair has what it takes to be the leading human hair wigs supplier in China.

Factory Area
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Highly Equipped Manufacturing Workshops

Several advanced workshops within our production facility are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. By following established manufacturing SOP, our team ensures a steady process of high-grade human hair products. These workshops also allow us to turn your human hair product into a piece of art.  

Take Advantage of Our Factory

We Have Seasoned Craftsmen

Members of the Alien Hair team are veteran workers who are handpicked for their years of working in the hair industry. We also look for people with the know-how and skills in making sophisticated wigs, hair bundles, lace closures, and other hair products.

The worker is pulling hair.
The worker is conducting rigorous quality control.

We Emphasize on Quality

Even with the lack of quality standards within the wig market, Alien Hair sets a higher standard for other human hair wig manufacturers to follow. We have been in this industry for decades and have developed a complete QC and production system that offers you premium human hair products.

We Bring Robust Productivity

A standardized quality production SOP is set across all our workshops, which allows for streamlined production of human hair products while maintaining their quality. The strong production capabilities we present ensure your human hair products are completed with a short lead-time.

Seasoned Craftsmen

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Advantageous Warehouses

We have warehouses in Qingdao, Shandong, and other countries such as the US.

Solid Supply Chain

The mature supply chain ensures a steady supply of premium human hair products.

Reliable Wigs Manufacturer

With 15 years of industry experience and know-how, Alien is your second to none human wigs manufacturer.

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