Founder Story

Meet Our Founder

Our founder,  was a former supply chain manager from Sephora and has been committed to working for the beauty industry for years. With his great insight in eyelashes and human hair wigs, Ken is always in tune with the latest market trends.

“ Digging in the Beauty Industry ”

Having worked in the beauty industry for years, he has professional production and supply chain knowledge. Knowing the strong demand of the hair market, Ken devotes his incredible wig expertise to impact the market with his creative human hair product solutions.

“ Shocked by the Demanding Wigs Needs ”

Overwhelmed by the high prices in the market due to the quality required, Ken saw the immense demand from many customers who needed wigs at work. From this, Ken was inspired to improve through his work in order to meet the urgent needs of many clients.

“ Disappointed at the Mixed Wig Markets ”

As he continued to penetrate the wig market and the supply chain behind, Ken found that the wig industry was mixed and was full of shoddy products. Since most synthetic wigs in the market are made in poor quality and come with harsh chemicals, there is a lower market appeal for wigs.

“ We Bring Far More than Just High-quality Wigs ”

To boost the reputation of wigs, Ken produces good human wigs that bolster confidence in women while also practicing environmental protection measures for a more sustainable business. Through Alien Hair, he achieves his goal with attentive craftsmanship, high quality materials, and thorough research and development.

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