Punctual Shipping & Delivery

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We Guarantee Punctual Shipping & Delivery

Punctual and fast delivery is immensely crucial for beauty industry, especially for hair salons and hair retailers. As such, we connect with the most reliable freight forwarders to ensure timely deliveries that help ease your business operations and meet demand quickly.

Take Advantage of Punctual Delivery

Overseas & Domestic Warehouse Back You Up

Along with abundant inventory and dedicated logistics workers, we have an overseas warehouse through our connections with reliable freight forwarding companies such DHL and USPS.

This warehousing enables us to store products for timely delivery within 2-7 days and achieve overnight delivery to meet deadlines readily.

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The Most Reliable Partners, The Lowest Prices

We can guarantee you punctual deliveries by working with only the most reliable freight forwarders that deliver on time.

To consistently ensure lower overall costs on your end, we can easily negotiate the lowest shipping prices for every delivery over the long run.









Drop Shipping at Your Disposal

To ease your worries and help meet your schedules, we ship your goods directly from our factory to your premises through our fast, efficient shipping services.

Meanwhile, we have an abundant inventory and drop shipping services so that you can receive your goods soon.

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Explore More Strengths of Alien

Research & Development

Advanced research helps us continually develop the latest human hair solutions to satisfy global markets.

Solid Supply Chain

A reliable supply network provides quality material for consistent production value.


Learn how we practice sustainability in sincere actions.

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