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Convenient Warehouses Support You up

Alien Hair has strategically placed warehouses in Qingdao, China, and the United States to facilitate faster deliveries and better customer service. Our overseas warehouses are fully stocked with best-selling products, allowing for next-day shipping to accommodate urgent orders. We aim to further expand with more offshore warehouses to guarantee quick and on-time shipments.

human hair wigs warehouse

Location: Qingdao, Shandong

Domestic Warehouse

Located in Qingdao, our domestic warehouse serves as the primary facility for producing human hair wigs and the central hub for resources used in wig manufacturing. Long-term partnerships with top material suppliers help secure sufficient inventory at all times.

human wigs warehouse

Location: LA, the United States

Overseas Warehouse

In our efforts to serve our clientele with more efficiency and speed, we’ve set up a warehouse in Los Angeles that caters to salons, hairdressers, and wholesalers in the area. We also aim to set up more warehouses across the US, expanding our reach and improving our warehousing system.

Take Advantage of Overseas Warehouse


Swift Next Day Delivery is Like a Breeze

Raw hair could be scarce at times, with some requiring booking in advance to secure the materials needed. With our fully-stocked warehouse and smart inventory management, we have materials on hand and guarantee next-day deliveries anywhere in the globe.

Rapid After-sales Support Removes Your Hassle

In need of product replacements due to unsatisfied customers? Our overseas warehouse can help you accommodate quick replacements, turning customer challenges into opportunities to improve your brand.

after sales services
human hair warehouse

Abundant Off-the-shelf Products Accelerate Your Business

Catering to your market’s pressing demands with speed and efficiency is key to establishing a solid relationship with your audience.

We help you accelerate your business’ growth through access to our off-shelf products that are ready for shipment within 24 hours.

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Robust Wigs Factory

Located in Qingdao, with an area of 20,000 sq m, our robust human hair wigs factory is our strong backbone.

Solid Supply Chain

Backed up by dominating supply chain, we can guarantee fast delivery and stable hair supplying.

Reliable Wigs Manufacturer

With 15 years of industry experience and know-how, Alien is your second to none human wigs manufacturer.

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