Sustainability in Sincere Actions

At Alien Hair, sustainability is more than a word: we practice philosophy in everything we do. We ensure that each step embodies sustainable and responsible manufacturing, from product development and material sourcing to production and inspection.

We Use Green Materials

Green, eco-friendly materials play a crucial role in the sustainability and quality of our human hair wigs, making sure we source suitable materials from reputable suppliers.

Human Hair

Human hair is all-natural and gives off an authentic feel. It is also biodegradable after several years. Wigs made from human hair don’t add waste and help reduce carbon footprint.



Synthetic Hair

Opting for mass production, many giant wig manufacturers opt to use synthetic materials when making wigs. While they may look good, most synthetic material does not decompose, causing irreparable harm to nature.

Ethically Sourced, Sustainably Made

Alien Hair takes extra steps to guarantee that all hair used on our wigs is ethically sourced and exchanged freely and fairly. Most of the hair we use is either virgin hair or Remy hair. The materials are not exposed to chemical treatment, thus reducing chemical waste in the environment.

Hair Hackling
hair caring

Calling for Hair Recycling

Playing our part in environmental protection, we promote proper hair treatment and handling methods to hair salons, wholesalers, and other channels.

We reduce ecological waste through proper education and eco-friendly means and place the brand better for clients and end-users.

Explore More Strengths of Alien

Punctual Shipping & Delivery

Cooperating with trusted logistic companies ensures your orders are completed on time.

Research & Development

We follow market trends to find new hair product styles.

Solid Supply Chain

A reliable supply network provides quality material for consistent production value.

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