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Wig retailers across the globe found the hair products they need to address their target market demands through Alien Hair. The years of export experience with natural human hair have empowered us with great knowledge in finding the right hair products for wig retailers.

Whatever You Need, We Have Got You all Covered

We have a robust production facility and a mature supply chain, ensuring a steady supply of human hair wigs even during peak season. Through our skills and knowledge in the market, we work with you in finding the right solution to boost your hair business.

Your Potential Challenges

Dealing with Multiple Hair Suppliers

It is a hassle to go through multiple hair suppliers to complete your inventory.

Expensive Prices

Suppliers set a higher price on their human hair wig products.

Poor Quality Hair

Certain suppliers use low-grade materials that result in low-quality wigs.

Unstable Delivery

There is no guarantee your wigs delivery can be completed on time.

Zero After-sales

You are left on your own by other wig suppliers when you require support.

Our Specific Solutions

One-stop Purchasing

You can find all kinds of human hair wigs for your target audience.

Competitive Factory Prices

Achieve high ROI with our human hair wigs’ competitive factory prices.

High-quality Human Hair

We guarantee premium hair products through our use of top-grade human hair material.

Rapid & Punctual Delivery

All of your human hair wig orders are completed within 2-7 days.

Hassle-free After-sales Support

Your order of human hair wigs comes with comprehensive after-sales support.

Don't Hesitate to Start Your Project

We have professional human hair expertise, years of experience, and have been instrumental in the success of various customers. Alien Hair is capable of delivering high-quality human hair products at approachable wholesale prices. Get started on your hair business by contacting us today!

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