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We Offer Fantastic HD Lace Frontals

Alien Hair offers a distinct range of high-quality HD lace frontals at excellent wholesale prices! Our HD lace frontals feature unmatched comfort and durability, made from premium Swiss lace as its base and weaved with unprocessed human hair by hand. As a professional HD lace frontal vendor, we can also create custom HD lace frontals to match your market’s requirements. Let’s get started today.

Glam Features in Every Detail

Combining our seasoned experts and over 15 years of production experience, expect nothing but the best HD lace frontals from our warehouse.


Vetted for its comfortable fit and excellent durability, we opt to use premium Swiss lace in creating our line of HD lace frontals.


Aside from the natural color of the lace, baby hair is added to the front part of the HD lace frontals to give it a realistic and authentic look.


Soft, lightweight lace materials make it breathable while wearing, reducing discomfort while feeling just like the user’s scalp.


The smart construction of the HD lace frontals exudes a better hair volume, maximizing the user’s natural hair for a fluffy and complete finish.

What Make Us Your Second to None Choice?

From sustainable material sourcing to streamlined production processes, our team takes extra steps to provide exceptional HD lace frontals for your brand.

The Beginning


Carefully selected unprocessed human hair plays a vital role in all of our HD lace frontals, each ethically sourced from reliable suppliers.


In Tune with


Superior craftsmanship is exemplified by seasoned artisans with robust production experience, creating HD lace frontals within a short lead time.

The Backbone

Lean Manufacturing

A robust production facility with an area of 20,000 sq.m. employs established manufacturing procedures that are strictly implemented throughout the process.

Throughout Production

Quality Control

Strict quality control standards are maintained in every part of the production process, resulting in HD lace frontals that are a cut above the rest.

Unmatched Supports Get You all Covered

Addressing your needs from product purchasing to after-sales support, we provide unparalleled value-added services that help you boost your business. 






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