#613 Lace Frontal

We Offer Fantastic #613 Lace Frontals

When it comes to high-quality and affordable #613 lace frontals, no other wholesale lace frontal manufacturer in China comes close to Alien Hair. Using only the best virgin hair and Remy hair, our #613 lace frontals feature the perfect blond color that users can style, redye, and manage hassle-free. Book a consultation now and see how our #613 lace frontals can improve your brand.

Glam Features in Every Detail

See fifteen years of expert manufacturing and premium materials in each #613 lace frontal you purchase from Alien Hair.


The cap is made with Swiss lace, providing a soft cushion, making it comfortable to wear after a long time.


Intricate hooking gives realistic look on the frontal, with small baby hair added on the front to imitate natural hair.


Soft and lightweight materials used to build the frontals allow air to pass within and feel like end-user’s scalp.

Even Blonde Color

Through the use of virgin hair, we can perfectly achieve the #613 color that corresponds to natural blonde hair.

What Make Us Your Second to None Choice?

Alien Hair is your best source for wholesale #613 lace frontals with our dedication to delivering an excellent product and unparalleled service.

The Beginning


We use unprocessed virgin hair and Remy hair in our lace frontals, all ethically sourced from southeast India and Southeast Africa.


In Tune with


Our 20,000 sq.m. fully-functional facility houses the latest equipment, along with an established manufacturing process that optimizes our production.

The Backbone

Lean Manufacturing

Experience refined craftsmanship that our seasoned workers exhibit in each 613 lace frontal as each piece is made by hand.


Throughout Production

Quality Control

Our expert auditors maintain strict quality control standards throughout the production process, from initial material selection to final packaging inspection.

Unmatched Supports Get You all Covered

Addressing your needs from product purchasing to after-sales support, we provide unparalleled value-added services that help you boost your business. 






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