#613 Hair Bundles

We Offer Fantastic #613 Hair Bundles

Alien Hair is your best source of wholesale #613 hair bundles that are tough, soft, and adequately colored. Backed with a sustainable supply chain and an in-house hair bundle factory, our line of 613 hair bundles have the best quality and prices in the market. Talk to our team today for great bulk discounts.

Glam Features in Every Detail

The quality of our 613 hair bundles is a testament to our years of production experience and the expertise of our seasoned artisans.

Even Blonde Color

Through the use of virgin hair for our products, we achieve the perfect #613 color with every hair bundle.

No Shedding Hair

Hair bundles stay in place as they are sewn into place using modern three-head sewing machines by our talented workers.


We use premium Remy hair and virgin hair for our hair bundles, eliminating tangles and other concerns in our products.

Low Maintenance

With premium virgin hair and Remy hair, users can style, redye, and straighten the hair bundles with ease.

What Make Us Your Second to None Choice?

Honed by more than fifteen years of production expertise, Alien Hair knows what it takes to create incredible 613 hair bundles for your brand.

The Beginning


Ethically sourced from well-known material suppliers, we carefully inspect all human hair used for our hair bundles to ensure they pass our quality standards.

In Tune with


To speed up production without compromising quality, we follow an established manufacturing process that guarantees optimal output at all times.

The Backbone

Lean Manufacturing

Dedicated artisans with over ten years of experience exemplify their skill through the refined craftsmanship seen in our 613 hair bundles.

Throughout Production

Quality Control

A rigorous quality control process is seen in every step of production, from material selection to packaging inspection.


Unmatched Supports Get You all Covered

Addressing your needs from product purchasing to after-sales support, we provide unparalleled value-added services that help you boost your business. 






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Flexible MOQ


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